Bernhard Bock

Blog relaunch with Hexo and Netlify

After Blogger seems to be dying more and more, I relaunched this blog on a new technical basis.

As I do not want to operate a web server for this tiny blog, I settled for a web hosting service and a static site generator. If you like to read more about this architecture trend, look for JAMstack.

As hosting service, I use Netlify. They were on the forefront of static site hosting with serverless functions and I used them already for a couple of smaller projects. They have a good integration with GitHub, where the source code of the blog is hosted, and have an easy and reliable service. Another option I considered was Vercel, but I stuck to the service I already knew.

As site generator, I use Hexo. Hexo is a JavaScript / node.js based static site generator. As I wanted more exposure to JavaScript (my go-to-language normally is Python), I selected them as a pure JS solution with a rather minimal theme (“Minima” by @adisaktijrs).

While I ported over old posts from Blogger, unfortunately I couldn’t easily replicate the old URLs. This is a bit unfortunate, as external links will break now, but I wasn’t willing to spend a lot of time fixing this.

Please note that I keep sharing links from my daily reading on a dedicated page.

— Jun 11, 2021